about us


We are Fortune, a group of friends that love skating and surfing. But it doesn't just end there, we wanted to create a brand that represents the bigger picture. What is it you might ask, well its simple friends, family, and life.

        FRIENDS: These are the people you consider family but you don't share the same DNA, these are the homies!!

        FAMILY: These are the people we share blood with, the people that form us into the people we are today, people that should have a big spot in your life. 

        LIFE: This world often tries to tell kids to chase a degree and you will be secure financially, while there is some truth behind this it doesn't have to be you. We want to inspire people to not chase money or fame but to chase a passion. We feel that God created us for something more than the regular mold.

                                               WE ARE FORTUNE🌎